I thought I needed to add more projects and further cut into those few remaining hours of sleep, so I got set up and started doing some printing at the studio.



I like to call these my varying degrees of failure. The struggle seems to be in the tackiness of the ink and the dampness of the paper. Too thin paint or too dry and I get a real light, splotchy look. Too think and I loose all the subtle gradations and too wet the paper absorbs different areas deeper than others.



The good news is, I’m learning and getting better and the medium is very fun to work in.



So far, these are some life drawing references and loose drawings of mine I’ve cropped and composed in some interesting ways to fit the ratio of the plate I’m working on.


Not exactly Degas, but I do see progress.

Let me know what you think and if you have some ideas. Still experimenting for now.



– Ryan